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Meissen- cradle of Saxony and a medivial gem

The Meissen Porcelain manufacture

Following the course of the river Elbe you will reach Meissen- the cradle of Saxony. Get to know the impressive setting of the Albrechtsburg castle and the Cathedral. Up the castlehill the catholic rulers of the Saxon Wettin dynasty are buried and it was up there that Europe´s first porcelain manufacture was founded in 1710. Come with us- we invite you to discover the beautifully restored medieval city of Meissen.Why not including a wine tasting at one of the hundreds years old wineries?  

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The cultural landscape of Moritzburg

The Moritzburg castle

Discover the baroque styled hunting Palace of the Saxon court impressively embedded into the landscape and eloboratly designed by the surrounding countryside. It starts directly at the gates of Dresden. Here you will find a palace completely kept in its orginal style, a palace that has never been altered in style, a palace with accomplished baroque architecture in an umcomparable setting. In addition to its baroque palace grounds, a unique pond landscape, extensive forests and a wide range of tourist highlights await you. Very close to it there is the Pheasantry - a small palace like paradise in a nutshell!

Moritzburg has great restaurants with typical food- like venison and wild bore - we give you the right recommendation. 

For going back to Dresden you should not miss another attraction- the narrow gage railway! 

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Discover the "Indian" style at Pillnitz Palace

The Pillnitz Palace

Do like the rulers centuries ago and enjoy a walk through the gardens of Pillnitz! lt is the largest palace in Europe built in this East Asian style following the stylish trends of the Saxon court in the 18th century.
There is also a chance to visit the Pillnitz castle with the rich collection of Arts and Crafts. You should not miss the boat ride back to Dresden enjoying a unique landscape with softly rising slopes and nice meadows, beautiful and impressive architetcure as well as eloborated restored frame work houses of winefarmers and former fishermen.

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The Saxon Switzerland- a unique and romantic landscape

The famous "Basteibrücke"

This tour is dedicated to the guests who are especially interested in nature. Close to Dresden there is the National park of the Saxon Switzerland , the sanstone mountains along the river Elbe. Far away from the bustle of the city of Dresden you can find innumerable hiking paths, weird rock formations and romantic valleys. Get to know the Saxon Loreley rock and discover the fortress Königstein with me! During a guided tour you learn more about the history of this fortress being the largest of its kind in Europe. Do not miss getting back to Dresden by one of the historic paddle steam boats. It is going to be an unforgettable experience. For lunch we take you to a family run restaurant with German homemade food.

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Lusatia and Herrnhut- the cradle of the Moravian church

Umgebindehäuser - special type of houses in Lusatia

Lusatia is a hidden treasure in Saxony full of history. There is the famous place of Herrnhut - the cradle of the Moravian church. Come along and learn more about the history and tradition of the Moravian church and get to know the manufacture where the Star of Bethlehem is manufactured!There also cities like Bautzen, the Nuremberg of saxony and the famous - still existing- Cistercian convent in Ostritz situated right at the border to Poland.

On this tour you will enchant the small villages and frame work houses of this area, of Lusatia, situated in the eastern part of Saxony far away from the tourist destinations. It is rich in culture and it is the home of the sorbs or wends. I promise you  that you will enjoy the fascinating countryside!  

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