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Walking tour of the Old Town of Dresden

your guide Heidi during a sightseeing tour

Take your chance and get to know the city of Dresden during a sightseeing stroll through the Old Town of Dresden! It will be my pleasure to make you familiar with the most impressive sights. Walk from the world famous Zwinger Palace along the Semper Opera House passing by the Cathedral and the Dresden Residential Palace. You will be provided historic background. I take you to the pride of our city, the reconstructed Frauenkirche, a symbol of reconciliation and peace in the world. The reconstruction of the church only became possible thanks to millions of donations. I have been working for many years for the Frauenkirche Foundation and I gladly tell you all details.

Come and join my sightseeing tour of Dresden!

The Dresden city tour - a compact coach and walking tour of Dresden

This a perfect tour to get to know in detail the ambivalent city of Dresden, its history, urban structure and industrial development.  During the sightseeing tour by coach you will experience the history of Dresden as a city of Hightech and baroque, between framework wine farmer houses and villas of Art Nouveau. You will see our vineyards and cross the famous suspension bridge, "The Blue Wonder". Let us take you up to the slopes of the city to enjoy a gorgious view onto the valley of the city of Dresden and its surrounding mountains. At  the end of the tour you have the chance to visit the unique dairy entirely equipped with tiles made by Villeroy & Boch. Last not least I take to the heart of New Town of Dresden. The walking tour of the Altstadt is included in this tour as well!

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The Jewish History and Life in Dresden

The Synagoge built by Semper

History is always complex and ambivalent. And so is the history of Dresden. I am happy to be raised in an open minded family by parents who lived through the war and were living the idea of reconciliation. They made me study German and Jewish history.  I have studied the Jewish history of Dresden, I have given many tours on this topic, I have met many former Dresden Jewish inhabitants and their families.Not so many original sites are left but nevertheless the history is still present.


 Welcome to my tour!

Dresden and WW II - the history of the fall and rise of Dresden with an eye witness

Irene- an eye witness

This tour is a very personal tour. I was born in the late 50ies and my family was very much affected by the war. The war broke out from Germany and returned to the German soil and destroyed Dresden, too. This  tour is focusing on the air raid of Dresden, its background and its scars. And - you will meet an eye witness. A lady- more than 80 years old- has lived here all her life and even see the city rising after the war like phoenix bird from the ashes. There are not so many people any longer who can share this story with us. And this story should never be forgotten. 

You are interested? Here I provide you more information.


The New Town of Dresden - not as new as you might believe

Did you know that the New Town of Dresden is the oldest part of our city?

Today it is the hippiest place in town. A part of the city which was abondened and turned into the centre of young urban professionals with unique shops, pubs and bars and beautiful houses of the end of the 19th century with beautiful courtyards. You can also discover here traces of the Old Dresden, buildings of the 16th century and the attractive baroque styled buildings of the 18th century. 

Get to know this part of Dresden touring with me! 

tour of the Reformation in Dresden

Annenkirche Dresden

"Here I stand" ...  How often did I repeat this quotation in 1983! It was on occasion of the 500 birthday of Martin Luther and I just started working as a tour escort. Now another anniversary is ceelbrated here in 2017 - Saxony is the cradle of reformation. Follow the footsteps of reformation in Dresden on my tour. Dresden became Lutheran in 1539 and there are some traces still to be seen. You will get to know the famous Kreuzkirche, the Annenkirche and you will learn more about the rulers of the reformation period on the outstanding mural painting - the Princes´Procession! 

You are interested- it is my pleasure to guide you!

The village of Art- Loschwitz or: where I was a little girl

Only a few minutes upstream the river Elbe there is a little village of Loschwitz.  What a romantic spot where for more than 150 years artists, painters and musicians have been living.

I am so thankful with my parents  that they decided to live out here! So, this is the place where I was raised, where I climbed the cherry trees on the plantages, where we went bob sleighing down the windy narrow roads and where I know every cobble stone.

For more than 150 years this has been the perfect place to live and work for musicians and composers. Do not miss visiting the parish church of Loschwitz or a wine tasting bodega. Or just enjoy cake and coffee under a plum tree!

You might get there by bike or public transport or just book the tour with our Mercedes van!I take care of you and show round! If possible I even take you to a workshop of an artist.

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Christmas traditions in Dresden Saxony

Historic Christmas Market

Silver mining started in the 12th century. The miners faith in religion and their work underground inspired them for a whole range of Christmas decoration. Selling the famous Christmas cake- the Stollen- became the basis for the oldest Christmas market in Germany. 

I take you on a tour that explains all theses traditions and further on I can even arrange a vsiit to the Stollen bakery. Don´t miss it - it is unique and - delicious!   

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