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The Dresden Residential Palace - a home for Arts

The Dresden Royal Palace

The Dresden Residential Palace has risen like Phoenix bird from the ashes. You would like to get to know it? Come in!For 450 years it has been the residence of the Saxon rulers and it is being rebuilt now as a modern museum of the 21st century. I promise you - you will be delighted!

We show you the masterpieces of the "Green Vault" like the Golden Coffee set and the ivory frigate. Jousting was a very representative and luxury part of court life. In the "Giant hall" you can enjoy a rich collections of armour. Almost unique is the collection of Ottoman Art at the "Turkish Chamber".

In January 2019 the "Small Ballroom" was reopened after a long term of restauration. Don´t miss it- it is gorgeous and gives you an idea of how the Royal Palace was looking like when Saxon rulers were still living there.    

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The Zwinger palace and its art collections

The famous "Crown Gate" of the Zwinger Palace!

With the construction of the Zwinger Palace Dresden obtained the reputation of a baroque styled residence. Originally it was designed as a green house but in the course of history it became the home of  three famous collections: the Mathematic- Physical pavillion, the Porcelain Collection and the Art Gallery of the Old Masters. 

Silvermining became the basis of wealth in Saxony but also the the reason for the technical progress. Get to know the outstanding technical achievements of Saxony at the Mathematic - Physical Pavillion. The knowledge in silvermining also brought about the fabrication of the first European Porcelain, the "white gold". The Porcelain collection at the Zwinger palace is the expression of the  "maladie de porcelaine" of Augustus the Strong holding the 2nd largest porcelain collection in the world. 

His son however admired the Italian renaissance painting  and bought the collection of Francescos III. Duke of Modena in 1745. His passion for paintings culminated with the purchase of Raffel Santi´s "Sistine Madonna" in 1754. 

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The Frauenkirche - rebuild for the future

The Frauenkirche was rebuilt as a monument of "building bridges and the idea of reconciliation". Let me tell you the whole story! For many years I have been working for the Frauenkirche foundation and will share my experience with you!

The Semper Opera House

Get to know in detail the history and the significance of the former Royal Theatre! Enjoy a guided visit of the Opera House where Richard Wagner premiered three of his operas and which Richard Strauss called  "the paradise of premieres".    

The new Albertinum

The new Albertinum is representing the arts from the romanticism up to the present. The Art Gallery of the New Masters and the sculptures collection are sharing the newly designed museum. The collection of painting from the romantic school to the modern painting of Gerhard Richter als well as the sculptures collection has gained worldwide reputation. The new Albertinum is the bridge between past and future focusing on corresponding between painting and sculptures, east and west, between yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Come and see it!

The Transparent Plant of Volkswagen

Experience the city of Dresden as the cty of high tech and baroque! Right next to the first baroque styled palace in the former Royal Gradens you can visit the transparent manufacture of Volkswagen. April 2017 is marking a fresh start for the Volkswagen brand when the plant is being remodeled for assamling premium and luxury models as well as electric vehicles.

Furtheron you can leanr about hte roots of automobile industry in saxony which started  with the engineer August Horch who very soon translated his name to Latin - whcih means AUDI. So Saxony became the cradle of automotive industry in Germany back in the 30ties. And it is back to Saxony again!